Is your AP process costing yourbusiness?


The truth is, you may not know.
The answer, however, is almost certainly yes.

If you don’t have full visibility or control over your processes, time and costs, it could be hurting your business and hindering your growth.

It’s important to understand the challenges within your AP process and face them head on. When you consider just how much your business could be losing, can you afford not to?


How much it can
cost to process
an invoice manually


How much it
could be
processed for

See how much you can save today

The Automated AP Savings Calculator from Konica Minolta will help you discover how easy it is to make your AP process more efficient and effective.

  • Answer 7 simple questions to discover how AP Automation will benefit your business
  • Get your Business Case for implementing Automated AP in your organisation
  • Benchmark your AP process against the industry and best-in-class
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Question 1

Which of these best describes your role and responsibilities?

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Question 2

Can you view the status of invoices
and liabilities in real-time?

Which of these best describes your accounts payable process?

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Question 3

When do you become aware
of a problem with a payment?

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How long does it take you to process one standard invoice, from receipt through to payment?
Please choose the closest option.

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Question 4

Which of the following does your finance system offer? Please tick all that apply.

Which of the following invoice types does your business encounter? Please tick all that apply.

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Question 5

How many invoices do you process each month, roughly?

Which parts of the invoice process take up most of your time?

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Question 6

Are you confident that your accounts payable process is GDPR compliant?

Do you use a purchase order system –
and match invoices to your POs?

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Question 7

How many people are involved in approving payments within your business, including senior staff?
Please choose the closest option.


If you are able to take advantage of early payment discounts, how many discounts do you capture, roughly?

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potential cost savings


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See how much your AP process
is costing your business

See how much you can save with AP Automation

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